3 Easy Ways to Maximize Workout Sessions

Let’s be real, working out isn’t always my favorite thing to do during the day but I understand that it needs to be done if I want to get my body where I want it to be. I am sure there is someone out there reading this post who totally disagrees with me and thinks working out is some form of therapeutic pleasure, eye roll. Well good for you, this post is for those who must push, remind, and motivate themselves to workout. I know there are a thousand people telling you to do a thousand things everyday if you want to lose belly fat or burn the most calories or achieve this or look like that. I am not going to add more nonsense to the information overload that already controls society as we know it. I am just going to give you 3 simple to do’s that will add fire to your workout. First and most important, move quickly between exercises. Moving quickly will help you get through your workouts faster so you are not spending 2 hours in the gym, or at home, working out and dreading every single moment. It will also keep your heart rate and momentum at a peak pushing your body to burn those calories. Secondly, incorporate weights. For years and years, we have been told that if you want to cut weight cardio, cardio and more cardio. While cardio is important, strength training helps build muscle which will help burn more body fat. Finally, wear a waist trainer, you had to know that was coming! Waist trainers help shape the sides of your belly and flatten the front giving you those hour glass curves.

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