After struggling for years to lose weight, Taylor was finally able to nail down a routine that helped her lose 50 pounds and keep if off. She created Shapely to share the waist trainer, smoothie recipes, workout routine, and daily habits that helped her accomplish her body goals. Shapely is more than a brand. Shapely is a healthy lifestyle support system for women all around the world. We believe that a women’s most valuable, vibrant, and virtuous accessory is her inner confidence. Our workout tool and healthy lifestyle guide were designed to support women on their quest to a healthier life. We understand how interconnected personal body image and self-confidence can be at times. That is why we have made it our mission to encourage women to love their bodies and love their shapes. Through our products, guide, community, and support system, we hope to empower women of all ages to love and embrace themselves into accomplishing any health, weight loss, and body goals they have set.